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    Casting the brand with heart

    Zhejiang Juntao hardware, a well-known supplier of door accessories in China, specializes in the production of fine carved aluminum plate, fine carved handle, fine carved aluminum flower, copper aluminum fine carving processing, cast aluminum plate (vacuum casting aluminum plate, sand casting aluminum plate), Carmen embossing plate, stainless steel copper plating plate, copper flower, embossed plate, etc. The company has dozens of appearance patents, products are widely used in door manufacturers, decoration industry, building materials enterprises, sales throughout the country. "Juntao people" adheres to the tenet of "product quality first, enterprise reputation first", and strives to provide customers with the best products and services. We sincerely welcome the sincere cooperation between new and old customers. Your satisfaction is the biggest pursuit of our "Juntao people". New and old customers are welcome to visit and guide us.

    • 1600T
      Hydraulic machinery
    • 1000+
      Customized business
    • 300+
      Product style
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